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Top 5 Most Addictive Anime Openings

Top 5 Most Addictive Anime Openings

There are some of the whole time most addictive anime series that have provided some great openings over the whole period and their reviews are as follows:

Death Note

Death notes is a nice and addictive anime that is best described as epic-ness. This may actually take hours but this anime really focuses on the teen honour student by name light yagami. He finds a “death note” on a day and becomes capable of killing anyone whose name is written in and the Light which takes himself in cleansing the wrongdoing world using the death note. At the same time, all are trailed by the work of the legendary detective, L. This anime also has an amazing story that is supported with a nice and energetic plot.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This is actually an anime that hooks anybody from the beginning till the end. This anime story is actually about the two brothers namely edward and alphonse elric. They have actually gone through the human powers those are based on the alchemy, trying to bring their dead mother back to life. But after doing so, they have actually destroyed their own bodies in the due course of the process. Fullmetal alchemist is actually the anime that has basically the plot of them getting involved in regaining the bodies that have lost and a very good anime.

Soul Eater

This Soul Eater anime is actually made and the winter is very interesting to say the least. Soul eater is actually the plot of maka and soul eater. A scythe wielder and a demon scythe are attempting to rid the world, from the demons called as “kishin”. The main goal is creation of a “death scythe” as a weapon which is capable of countering kishin. This anime was actually both intense and hilarious.


It was before the last summer, the best anime theme was naruto. This Bleach is an anime series that has the sort of things that opens up and brings some new animes. The story and the plot at the beginning and goes up till the latest chapters have gone amazing. Bleach actually focuses on the teenager ichigo kurosaki. This teenager actually possesses the power to visualize and feel the spirits. Ichigo then meets the soul reaper by name rukia very soon and actually exchanges her power. After this, he saves all those ones he actually cares about. The only issue was the silly volume of the fillers that are put into the anime. It was sure that they are really funny. But they actually cut into some storyline with a great plot. This anime generally will have a great spot and place in each and every one’s heart.


This D.Gray-man is a great anime series that is dark, epic, and actually filled with great comedies. It is also the story of allen walker who is an Exorcist. He is also roaming the earth looking for the substance that is titled Innocence while destroying the demons called as Akuma. This series is also filled with a nice story and wonderful plot. The only issue here is that the fact of the anime that always differs from the manga intensely at few points.

These are few of the most addictive anime series that have addicted most of the people who like to watch anime series. There are still more and long listing of the anime series that brings in with great fantasy and good story with great plot. There are many other features that make the anime series a great and favourite among those who watch the series. Mostly they bring in romantic and love filled stories.

LauraMon LauraMon • November 20, 2014

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