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Top Ten Slice Of Life Anime

Slice Of Life Anime

Which Is Your Top Favorite Slice Of Life Anime

Many people enjoy watching scary, adventurous or action filled animes and fall in love with those characters, but would it not be interesting if you are watching something that is related to your daily life? These are called the Slice of Life Anime, and they will just have those characters in the anime that you have in your life like friends, school, work, romance, and fun. You will not get to see the scary characters, no ninja fights or adventures. It is just your daily life that you will be able to see in these animes. Here is the list of top 10 Slice of Life Anime:

  1. Lucky Star this is an anime about four girls going to school. Frankly, you will not find any part of this anime to be interesting, but the funny and pointless conversations between these four high school girls will take you back to your school, and you will also have a relaxing day and all set for the next busy day.
  2. Bakuman This is a hilarious and entertaining story of three characters that are inspired to become Manga artists and voice actress. The story is hilarious at the beginning when the anime starts but as the story proceeds the story gets more heart touching as they struggle to make their dreams come true. This anime has a great storyline.
  3. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – This anime is very interesting and hilarious as well. Kodaka Hasegawa is the main character in this anime. He is innocent and friendly but looks like a bully due to his hairstyle and other factors. Some more misfits together form a club which is just to make friends and nothing else, but this anime has a lot of comedy in it.
  4. The Daily Lives of High school Boys The Daily Lives of High school Boys – The Daily Lives of High School Boys is a very interesting anime where you cannot stop yourself from laughing. This is a story of three school boys and just their life at school. It covers everything about their life at school, romance with girls, their stupidity and many other things that will make you laugh.
  5. Toradora This is a comedy romance. The story is about two students who always try to impress others. But in this process, they start liking each other. This anime is full of comedy, but as the story progresses, you will be able to see more emotions as well.
  6. K-On A very simple and interesting slice of life anime is K-On. This is a story about four girls who are high school students. The four together form a group or a club and start playing music which they love the most. The four girls’ interactions and personalities are the shop stoppers.
  7. Clannad This anime can be called a slice of life anime, but more of a romantic slice of life. The complete story is between Tomoya and Nagisa. They form a small theater club in their school. The story is sweet and interesting as well.
  8. Nichijou Nichijou is a nice story of real life. The word itself means regular life. There are no specific special characters, but all the characters have their own importance. A simple but interesting anime.
  9. Azumanga Daioh Azumanga Daioh is one of the best and most popular slice of life anime. You will not be able to find one good slice of life anime like Azumanga Daioh. It is a story about few high school girls. All the characters are different from each other but still share some common things.
  10. Maison Ikkoku This Maison Ikkoku is a story about a Godai who lives in a boarding house and is a poor student. There is a lot of romance, and also you will find a lot of crazy things happening as he lives with few crazy characters at the boarding house.

LauraMon LauraMon • November 14, 2014

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