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Top Anime Series Like Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is an anime which has run for more than 3 years. This anime is a mix of comedy and action. This anime has got huge fans list. Do you watch fairy tail? If your answer is no then you should definitely watch this Fairy Tail anime as it is one of the best anime with all tastes in it. This also has adventure in it along with comedy and action. If you have already seen this anime and looking for some other anime series which are almost similar to Fairy tail then your search is going to be too tough because it is hard to find another anime which is similar to fairy tail, but you still have options to choose from the list below as they are also like Fairy tail anime but not as entertaining as Fairy Tail.


One Piece: This is an anime which has run for more than 500 episodes till date and is still running. This is story about pirate Luffy and his gang. Luffy wants to become to the king of the pirates world and the most powerful pirate. His entire gang goes in search of one piece which is a treasury. They get in a lot of problems on their journey to search this one piece and they also get chance to meet many new people as well.


Naruto: This is a very interesting anime for many reasons. One of the best reasons why this is interesting is it is very much similar to the anime Fairy tail. You will be able to see many characters in the anime which are similar to those in the anime Fairy tail. This story is all about a village Konohagakure which was attached by a demon fox. To avoid disappointment, you must learn to avoid the filler list. With this, you will definitely enjoy this anime series.


Bleach: Another popular anime which is similar to fairy tail is Bleach. This anime is having many characters in the anime but only Kuchiki Rukia and Ichigo Kurosaki are the two important characters of this anime. Ichigo Kurosaki is a boy who has the powers to see ghosts. These ghosts take control over the young boy, but Kuchiki Rukia changes the situation completely. She saves him from these ghosts at some point of time she will not be able to fight with the ghosts and hence gives her energy to the young boy. As part of the battle with ghosts, the boy takes away the complete energy of the girl. Now the situation changes complete where the girl has to stay back in human world and boy has to go as a Soul Reaper and fight the hallow ghosts.


Full metal alchemist: This is also an interesting tragic story between two brothers. Edward loses his brother in an alchemist accident, but he still tries to save his brother and they go a search for the Philosopher’s stone which can help him in making his brother perfect.


Hunter X Hunter: This is a story about a young boy named Gon. He loses his father when his father was hunting. His father is a hunter. Gon one day finds that his father is still alive and writes the exam for hunters so that he can find his father. On his journey to find his father, he will have to face any challenges and meet many new people.


Rave Master: This is an anime which is having a lot of adventure just like Fairy tail. You will be able to find many characters in Rave master representing Fairy tail.


D Gray Man: Nice and interesting story like fairy tail is D Gray man.


Soul Eater: This story is about the Death Weapon Meister Academy in Death City. There are three teams which have weapons. They need to destroy and absorb 99 human and one witch soul so that they can enhance the powers of the weapons.


Magi- The Labyrinth of magic: This is a story about Aladdin which decides to travel the world after being caged in a room for almost his life.

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