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What Are The Top 5 One Piece Arcs?


The top 5 one piece arcs take place in world which is populated by both humans and a number of other intelligent species which must be contended with. These include but are not limited to mermaids and mer-men. There are also a number of giants and fairies too. The world is composed of two gigantic oceans which divides the world in two. A mountain range divides the world down the middle and a number of other seas and land masses. The whole thing is rather complicated to be honest.

If this hasn’t got your attention yet, well how about the idea of pirates. Not just pirates but pirates with super powers. However, these pirates are not the bad guys, in fact they devote their time to battling the bad guys with their aforementioned pirate superpowers. The adventures of these well powered pirates have taken well over five hundred episodes to get to where they are now. This makes choosing the top 5 one piece arcs very difficult to do.

The leader of this band of alternative pirates wishes to be king of all pirates. A very small ambition I am sure you will agree. As time goes by he meets different people and receives various pieces of costume which come to define him as an individual. He also frequently tries to help one of his friends out of a difficult time. This seems to always end up with some sort of fight incurring. The fights in this series have become somewhat iconic in the Anime world. So maybe the top 5 one piece arcs will be chosen because of a particularly good fight?

The flatulent pirate may have pirate imperialism on his mind, but even with his superpowers, he is not invincible. There are many occasions when he requires rescue from his crew in order for his life to not be snuffed out by various enemies. These are often very emotional for fans as there are moments of great sadness mixed with moments of even greater fear and finally when the story unfolds, the conclusion comes and relief pours through the minds of the viewers. Perhaps some of the rescue episodes will be included in the top 5 one piece arcs?


This series is notoriously addictive with days, weeks and months getting away from you as you digest episode after episode. You quite often have to leave an alarm on telling you to go to bed if you start getting too into it. But now is the time in which we will announce the top five arcs. So according to a popular poll they are the Marinefold Arc, Enies Lobby Arc, Skypiea Arc, Arabasta Arc and the Water 7 arc. Do you agree or do you think others deserve the top spots? Regardless, everyone is able to agree that this series is very much loved by anime fans everywhere, and as the 500th episode has already gone by, who knows for how long it will be enjoyed into the future.

LauraMon LauraMon • January 20, 2015

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