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Get Laugh With These Top Comedy Animes

I have personally watched these Animes and have made this list. This list is not ranked in any order.

Baka & Test


This anime takes place in a school where academic scores matters the most. Students are not only judge by their academic results but enjoy facilities if they are good at it. The smart students are provided with nice seats, air conditioning and laptops. However, it is not the same case with dump students who gets nothing of it.

Akihisa Yoshii decided that it’s about time the things change. The whole series is very funny.

Crayon Shin-chan


This is an anime that I used to watch when I was a kid. It is so funny that it makes me laugh even when I watch now. Shin-chan is very strange kid that does all sorts of funny stuff. The anime has a different drawing style as compared to other older day’s anime which you will find interesting.



Gintama is great at parody and can almost parody everything, which makes the show hilarious. Gin and two of his association apply to any job they can find to keep them from staying poor and along the way make fun of both Western and Japanese culture. They also battle along the way. The anime is somewhat like Naruto.

Is This a Zombie?

is-this a-zombie

Ayumu Aikawa becomes a zombie after a serial killer kills him. He is forced to do a cross dressing with a magic possessing girl. The scene is hilarious. It might sound like a dark theme anime but it is mostly fun.



Naruto is although an emotional, serious and action filled anime but it is here because of occasional comedy scenes.  Thanks to the info that Ben provided I know the first 70 episodes of the show are much funny. But later the story shifts to a more serious tone and action. You can keep in touch with him via his Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. However, if you like action and comedy anime, then Naruto is for you. By the way, since you’re reading something related to Naruto you might want to check out the best movies from Naruto Series.

Ouran Highschool Host Club


This anime has a unique story. Haruhi Fujioka goes to a Host Club to find a suitable studying place but she accidently breaks a vase there. The girl has a short hair which can make her look like a boy, so she gets enlisted in the club to repay them. The anime gets funny when the conversation between Fujioka and club members begins.

The Wallflower


The story follows after four young men that live in a mansion which belonged to a rich landlady. They are given a task to change her niece into a fine young lady. They agreed a deal that if they get successful then the rent of the mansion will be free but if they fail, then they will have to pay triple rent. The young men at first thought it would be easy as they are good with women but when they meet the niece, Sunako, they have second thoughts.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama


Misaki is a rising girl star of a boy dominated school. The school has very thin population of girls and Misaki has decided that things should change now. The boys of the school call her “boy-hater”. However, no one knows that she is actually working as a maid after school in a cafe. Seika High, a popular boy in the school, learns this and something starts between them.

School Rumble


This is very fun love related anime. I have only watch first two seasons of this anime so my review comes from the only two. The plot revolves around a love triangle between three characters. It is a fun anime that has plenty of other couple groups to.

Slam Dunk


The show is about the basketball and humor. Sakuragi wants to become a basketball player to impress a girl at school. However, to his knowledge basketball is much harder sport than he had expected. The show revolves around him and his try to become a basketball player. The show is serious when it reaches towards the end but it is still fun.

LauraMon LauraMon • July 28, 2015

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